Paid Search Marketing Services (PPC)

Yes, searchers “click on the ads” when they use search engines. And yes, PPC advertising works. But only when done right. Why do we think you need a world-class PPC agency to handle it? There are a lot of variables to consider in an effective PPC marketing campaign. Take match types, for example. Three of the five match types in Google AdWords can have your ads showing up against literally an infinite number of user queries (yikes, if you’re paying for ineffective clicks).

Just showing up isn’t good enough to maximize volume and ROI in this channel. You need experts on your side to help you win the paid search marketing game! Contact us today!

We Properly Managed Your PPC Campaign

We use a tried and tested 'blueprint' methodology for running PPC campaigns. This framework has been formulated using years of experience running numerous, complex, high volume PPC accounts. There are five main components to the blueprint methodology:

  • Strategy

    We believe it is imperative to formulate a robust strategy, whether implementing a new PPC campaign, or taking over an existing account.

  • Creation & Implementation

    Once a strategy is in place the next stage is to ensure that the PPC account is created and structured according to well defined best practices.

  • Optimisation & Testing

    Once the PPC account has been created, the work has only just begun. Ongoing testing and optimisation is essential if the the best results are to be achieved.

    • Reporting

      Defining what type, and what frequency, of reporting is required for campaign intelligence, insight and optimisation is a key consideration for both us and our clients.

    • Housekeeping

      There are numerous procedural, and often laborious, tasks that are required on a regular basis when managing PPC campaigns. We refer to these as general houskeeping.

    Experienced PPC Specialists Certified by Google

      Mobile Advertising Certification

      Shopping Advertising Certification